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We are about embodying exercise, health, movement, and fitness into one word—Flow. An everyday practice which we are all on earth to do. Real health is multifaceted and often counterintuitive. Core Flow Athletics LLC. is on a quest to promote FACTS.

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Physical Training Nutritional Coaching mentorship

Core Flow Athletics is about becoming the best version of you. CFA is about finding your own personal "flow".  Time and time again we have seen our clients learn to love the process of training and the benefits that come along with it.  We want to change the impression and relationship people have with health & fitness.  

We are a species born to move. Exercise does not have to be miserable nor traditional. We serve nationwide, virtually and offer 1 on 1 services in D.C., Maryland, and Virginia.

Find freedom through movement

Whatever your goal, Core Flow Athletics LLC. is a fun, individualized, consistent, result, and science-based approach to physical training, health, and overall well-being. We are concerned with longevity, flexibility, functional strength. Above everything, we focus on finding a fun approach that works best for each individual's specific needs.

FInd your flow state

" The term flow refers to those moment of rapt attention and total absorption where you get so focused on the task at hand that everything else disappears. Action and awareness merge. Your sense of self vanishes. Time passes strangely. performance, just soars. Strength, endurance, and muscle reaction times increase. While, pain, exertion and exhaustion all significantly decrease."

- Steven Kotler